Southeastern Colorado Shopping

Antique stores, quaint gift shops in historic buildings and seasonal produce stands featuring the best local produce anywhere will entice you to spend part of your visit to this area shopping. The produce stands typically open in mid July and remain open until early October. Before you head home, be sure to stock up on world famous Rocky Ford melons, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, squash and all of the other produce that made this area famous.

Antique Stores

Almost every town in the valley has antique stores to browse on a summer afternoon. Most of the stores feature a blend of glassware, farm implements, furniture and everything in between. Some of the stores are a mile or two from the main highway, but well worth the trip. The special treasure you have been searching for may be lurking in one of these great stores.

Gift Stores

Gift stores and specialty shops are tucked into the downtown business districts. Drive up main street in any of the valley towns and youíre sure to find a shop that has something unique to add to your vacation memories.

Produce Stands

The lower Arkansas Valley is famous for its home grown melons and vegetables. Starting in late July road-side stands are filled with corn, beans, peppers, onions, cantaloupe and watermelons. You wonít find produce this fresh at your local store, itís picked early in the morning and ready to buy when the stands open. If you visit late summer or early fall, stock up on fresh-fire roasted chili's, squash and pumpkins. Fill your cooler while youíre here, or you may be back sooner than you think.